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Team Building: Learning to Work and Achieve Together

Posted on 3/7/2016 by EDTP Coordinator

Last Monday March 1st, 2016, our current EDTP students had their class on Team Building with Fonda Wynn. Fonda, as we affectionately call her at LAEDA, is the owner of Wynn Development Consultants and a long-time instructor for the Entrepreneurial Development Training Program (EDTP). The Team Building class is one of the favorite ones because Fonda teaches students how to create and foster an environment that promotes good relationships and team building.

Fonda started the session with a fun paper airplane activity. This activity served to demonstrate students how to effectively work together and handle different situations with the proper communication and identification of behavioral patterns. Fonda explained that there has to be a level of respect and maturity between coworkers to create an environment where people want to share ideas and feel encouraged to participate. A key aspect to achieve this type of environment is keeping the relationships at the workplace very professional. “It is always essential to follow legal guidelines and remember mutual respect when working with your coworkers,” Fonda emphasized.  

As a business owner and leader, you want to treat people as individuals and understand their behaviors. 
Fonda shared that “it is essential to have employees with different behaviors to have an effective and growing team.” Students had the opportunity to share their thoughts. Howard Smith, who offers video production services, shared that “it is crucial to treat people the same and fairly rather than providing special treatment to people you know.” 
Students tested their communication skills when they were divided into groups to discuss about conflict resolution. Adelise Castellar made a great point during the discussion when she said that as business owners “we want to be sensitive to the other people and put ourselves in their shoes, so that way we can make them feel comfortable.” For conflict resolution, it is essential to not only to understand the other party, but also not think of conflict as competition. Fonda explained that instead, people should think about it and talk about it. We don’t need to look at it as a competition. Instead we should look at how both people can be satisfied so that one can focus on the actual problem and not the people.” 
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